2018 Video Installation


Originally developed as part of the Black Hole Club residency at City Arcadia gallery. The piece is a video installation in which the sculptural properties of the CRT monitors represent the weight of the human form. Each monitor shows a different body part enacting a nervous tic. The sound resulting from the speakers of all the monitors playing at once produces a kind of musique concrete effect.   

2017 Video installation, originally shown on two screens.


Included in Superseded, June 2017, Vivid Projects, Birmingham, an exhibition reflecting on outdated technologies built for the display and transmission of video signals, and inspired by the recent cessation of the production of VHS players. My friends donated their VHS collection to form the basis of the VHS Bechdel Test Project. Within each genre, I separated the films into those which pass and those which fail the test. I then edited the films down to just the instances of female characters talking and re-edited these scenes together to create new dialogues. Part 1 of the project, Space Girl Dreams 2017, is a two-screen video. Screen one deals with imagined futures where the technology used is largely already redundant. Through editing, I am able to explore her own dreams for the future of cinema. Screen two outlines the methodology of the project and reports any conclusions drawn from the research. 

2012 Film and video collage.


Included in Turn It on Again June 2012, Motel De Nowhere, London, an exhibition marking the digital TV switchover. I had intended to interview my former drama teacher about his time in the soap Crossroads. When I was unable to track him down, I attempted to communicate with him through time via his work on Crossroads and her own work as an artist, resulting in the film and video collage Finding Peter Brookes. 

2008 Mini DV

A work which looks at the spaces between words in conversations.