2018 originally shot on Super 8.

Reel Glamour is an experimental short film exploring light and colour. The origin of the word glamour is Scottish meaning magic, enchantment and occult learning. It came to mean a quality of attractiveness especially associated with Hollywood, high-fashion, celebrity, etc., by 1939. Within the film, the older and newer meanings are playfully conflated.

2017 35mm slide projection with digital soundtrack.


The work consists of a carousel of slides of Balfron Tower and Robin Hood Gardens, with an accompanying audio of anecdotes from the period in my life when I was a property guardian. The anecdotes are not in chronological order and some of them are repeated multiple times in order to disrupt any clear sense of narrative and to correspond with my state of mind at the time. Some of the slides have words scratched into them, some have text superimposed in Letraset transfers, and others have acetate overlays with printed text. These different types of writing relate to the different spoken registers within the soundtrack. The violence of scratching into the slides mirrors the shouting in the audio. Key themes explored in the work are social cleansing, gentrification, the housing crisis, mental health and 'zero-hours' contracts

2015 Originally shot on Super 8.

Within the film, the sea is used as a metaphor for the psyche. However formal concerns are central to the work.The tactile nature of sand falling through fingers is complimented by the grain within the film stock its self. 

2014 Originally shot on Super 8.

Using in-camera editing, the film documents small time-wasting gestures a person might perform whilst waiting for something else to happen. Only the hands and feet of the female subject are shown. Spectators view her sensual pleasures such as running her hand over rough bark and her foot through crisp leaves, whilst simultaneously experiencing the texture of the Super-8 film itself. The actions depicted in the film mirror the pleasure I took in using Super-8 film as a physical (as opposed to a digital) medium.