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Noctambule is an interactive video artwork developed for the Birmingham Weekender as part of Vivid Projects'  Press on and Play exhibition. The work focuses on the experiences of a woman navigating the streets of Digbeth (east side of Birmingham) alone at night. The original concept for the piece was for the audience to be guided through the area during the daytime by a series of YouTube videos filmed on the same streets at night. After each video there is a choice of two videos. These choices dictate, which root through the area is taken. The juxtaposition of night and day opens up space to consider our relationship with the urban environment and the gendering of public spaces.

All Work...

All Work... is a series of gifs which embraces the jerky repetitive aesthetic of the gif format to expose the frantic, repetitive tedium of housework, work which is still predominantly carried out by women within heterosexual cohabiting relationships. The piece humorously draws a comparison between the repetitive but necessary tasks we perform in both the offline and online worlds, where cleaning, checking e-mails, cooking and updating social media are all grouped under the umbrella of ‘life admin’. It utilises a key aspect of the gif format – the loop – to imply that domestic chores are literally endless and never finally completed, and in doing so treads a fine line between the comic and the disturbing. Originally produced for the Black Hole Club website