Breaking Point

Breaking Point is a performance by Libby Cufley, curated by Alex Billingham and developed over a two week residency at Failbetter, Birmingham,


Tensions between the domestic and the work space, between creation and destruction, and between the serious and the absurd are at the forefront of the work. Within the performance I precariously stacked crockery on the edges of plinths and the top edge of the MDF walls within the space. Three audience members were seated within the performance space and the rest stood at the perimeter. Tension was built from the outset as the audience had to navigate their way through the detritus of previous iterations of the performance. An uneasy balance between respecting the objects as delicate and deliberately placing them in scenarios where breakage was likely, ran throughout the work, culminating in most of the items being broken. The piece ends with myself scooping the shards of china into the centre of the space and lying down on the pile like a bird nesting. 


Write up by Marcus Keating available at Untitled Bab